A seemingly popular genre, as there are quite a number of trainer aircraft kits available. As well as the IMAM Ro, Breda and Caproni trainers mentioned elsewhere on this site, there are also the following.

Avia FL3. RS Models released a trio of very high quality 1/72 injection kit of this lightweight trainer. It is a delightful little kit, with fine detail and lovely crisp moulding that compares well with Hasegawa. There was an Old Wings resin kit as well. Ali d'Italia have also printed a neat reference guide for this aircraft. Italiankits have produced a nice looking 1/48th resin kit.

CNA PM.1. A high wing monoplane trainer aircraft designed by students of the Instituto di Construzioni Aeronautische del Regio Politecnico di Milano in 1938. Only a small number were built and none survived the war. It was resurrected in the post war era by Macchi as the MB.308, which was fitted with a tricycle undercarriage and an enlarged tailplane. SEM Models 1/72 kit looks fine in the box with nicely cast resin pieces.

Nardi FN.305. The 'mini' Ali d'Italia reference booklet shows how successful this aircraft turned out to be. It was built in a bewildering variety of shapes and sizes, not just in its training role but as a series of racing, record and single seater versions as well. The old 1/72 Legato kits were disappointing but Azur produced better 1/72 injection moulded kits and are highly recommended. Special Hobby also issued a series of fine 1/48 injection moulded kits. LF Models 1/48 FN.305, FN.315 & FN.316 are interesting but ldo not have the the finesse demonstrated by the Special Hobby kit. Aerofan # 97 has an in depth article on the FN315.

SAIMAN 200. A small biplane trainer used alongside the Caproni Ca.100. Choroszy Modelbud have produced a delicate resin 1/72 kit. JACH Models released a good quality injection moulded kit in 1/72, which has since been re-issued by AZ Models with more decal options.

SAIMAN 202. A side by side two-seat low wing monoplane trainer with an enclosed cabin. Italiankits intend to release a 1/48 resin kit of this aircraft in the near future.