This Vintage Models 1/48 resin kit was almost certainly a re-issue of the E.P. Originals resin kit. I bought it from Misterkit at some expense about 20 years ago, long before Classic Airframe and Trumpeter released their 1/48 kits.

When finally got around to building it, both the Classic Airframe and Trumpeter 1/48 kits were on the market, so I bought these as well. I was not terribly impressed with the Trumpeter kit as it shared similar faults i.e: incorrect cowls and horizontal tail surfaces. I had intended to do a Corsa conversion on the Trumpter kit so this meant I could use the canopy which fitted perfectly. I also corrected the cowls and tail surfaces. The camouflage was based on the Flashback boxart, which was a re-issue of the Classic Airframe kit with extra resin and detail parts (and is yet another S.79 kit in my possession).

Needless to say, this kit now seems like a waste of effort but I still quite like the camouflage scheme even though the colours do look a bit off!

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