Piero Magni Aviazione

A singular company that was founded by former WWI pilot Piero Magni. He had taken out a patent in 1919 for a monoplane aircraft design featuring load bearing paddle-shaped wings struts that acted as an airbrake when rotated 90 degrees into the airsteam. Another major contribution he made to aircraft design was the 'minimum pentration hood' or, in other words, the 'NACA" cowl. His aircraft was the first to feature this pioneering concept.

in 1924, in his factory at Meda, he built the PM1 and PM2 aircraft, followed by the PM3-1 'Vale' at Taliedo in 1934 . The PM3-4 was built in 1937 and was donated to the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan by Piero Magni himslef. It has remained there to this day and goves the viewer a chance to appreciate the almost flawless contruction of this distinctive aircraft.

The images to the right show the PM2 design followed by the PM3-1. Both are 1/72 Choroszy Modelbud resin kits and, despite their diminutive size, are great fun to build and paint. They were both built for SAMI review articles. The PM1 and PM2 kits are very similar in appearance, as are the PM3-1 & PM3-4.