Here are two LF Models 1/48th  SAI 207 resin kits.

The first image is a 207 that has been heavily modified to achieve a more accurate appearance. Work involved re-profiling the fuselage cross-section from nose to tail, as well reshaping the fin and wing fillet detail. Only the wing escaped any modification.

Canopy is a modified spare from CA's RE.2000 kit.

This second image is 207 resin kit modified into the 403 variant. As it was a bigger airframe overall, the models scale is closer to 1/50th.

Conversion did not require as much work as the 207. Apart from extending the wing span, only the nose and fin needed reshaping, as well as adding retractable rear tailwheel and wing cannon fairing/actuator details.

This aircraft never had a full set of Regia Aeronautica insignia, although one of the two built did appear with Luftwaffe markings.