Future releases:
Fly Models 1/72 Caproni Ca.100, Caproni Ca.164 & Fiat G.50bis

Significant recent releases:
SBS Models: Macchi MC.72
Sword: 1/72 Fiat G.55 (duo kit)
Choroszy Modelbud: 1/72 FIAT Br.1. Resin kit of ing. C Rosatelli’s first bomber design.
Special Hobby: 1/72 Caproni Ca.310 & Ca.311, 1/48 IMAM Ro.43 & Ro.44, 1/32 FIAT G.50 kits.
Silver Wings: 1/32 resin FIAT Cr.32, FIAT Cr.42 & RE.2000.

In the past, good quality kits of Regia Aeronautica model aircraft were few and far between. Most could only be found via ‘garage’ or limited run resin kit companies (Choroszy Modelbud are perhaps the best source today). But it is thanks to, on no small part, the likes of MPM (aka Special Hobby) and Classic Airframes that decent injection-moulded kits became available, albeit on a limited run basis. Even Italeri have done their bit,
re-issuing older Supermodel kits as well as all new models of well known RA aircraft such as the S.79 Sparviero, SM.82 Marsupiale, Macchi C.202 Folgore & C.205 Veltro, all in 1/72 scale.

There are a few, however, that could do with another look:
Caproni Ca.133. The Aviation USK 1/72 vac-form kit has been unavailable for some time.
Supermodels 1/72 CANT Z.1007 is an old, old kit with various outline errors that are difficult to correct.
Aviation USK 1/72 FIAT RS-14 (now OOP) had many serious errors.
Delta2 1/72 Savoia S.55X and Caproni Campini are very poor, toy like kits.

These iconic aircraft deserve so much better!

The following, to the best of my knowledge, have yet to appear in kit form:
SAI Ambrosini S.7. A very attractive aircraft, especially the post-war ‘Super’ & ‘Sagittario’ variants.
Savoia Marchetti SM.91/SM.92 are interesting twin-boom aircraft prototypes.
CANT Z.511. This was an ambitious 4-engined floatplane prototype which had a rare elegance.

Here’s my current top ten Regia Aeronautica aircraft and the model that I think best represents it.

  1. 1.Reggiane RE.2005 ‘Sagittario’...  Pacific Coast Models 1/32

  2. 2.Savoia S.79... Classic Airframe 1/48

  3. 3.Breda Ba.65...  Special Hobby 1/48

  4. 4.FIAT Cr.32... Classic Airframe 1/48

  5. 5.FIAT G.55... Pacific Coast Models 1/32

  6. 6.Piaggio P.108B...  Special Hobby / Flying Machines 1/72

  7. 7.CANT Z.1007bis...  Alphaflight 1/48

  8. 8.CANT Z.506... Alphaflight  1/48

  9. 9.IMAM Ro.44... Special Hobby 1/48

  10. 10. Fiat G.50...  Special Hobby 1/32