Not many future releases to report at the moment. Just the following are known:
Special Hobby: 1/48 Reggiane RE.2000 & RE.2005

A visit to both the Italiankits and SEM Models websites will show other possible future releases.

Recent releases that are well worth a look:
AMP: 1/72 Piaggio Pegna PC7
AZ Models: 1/72 Fiat Cr.32
Dora Wings: 1/72 Savoia Marchetti S.55
FLY models: 1/72 Fiat G.50 bis
SBS Models: 1/72 Fiat G.50 (resin)
Sword: 1/72 Fiat G.55 (duo kit) & 1/48 RE.2005
Special Hobby: 1/72 Caproni Ca.310/Ca.311, 1/48 IMAM Ro.43/Ro.44, 1/32 FIAT G.50
Silver Wings: 1/32 FIAT Cr.32, FIAT Cr.42 & RE.2000.

These OOP kits could do with a second look!
Aviation USK 1/72 vac-form Caproni Ca.133.
Supermodels 1/72 CANT Z.1007.  Has outline errors that are impossible to correct.
Aviation USK 1/72 FIAT RS-14.   Has serious outline errors too.
Delta2 1/72 Caproni Campini. Very poor, toy-like model kit. The Valom kit, despite having much improved surface detail, has the same outline errors as the Delta 2 kit.

The following, to the best of my knowledge, have never appeared in kit form:
• The SAI Ambrosini S.7. An elegant tandem seat trainer design.
• The Savoia Marchetti SM.91/SM.92 twin-boom aircraft prototypes.
• The CANT Z.511, a large, elegant 4-engined floatplane prototype.

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