ICM are to release a series of 1/32 Fiat Cr.42 injection moulded kits. This is big news as only other choice in this increasingly popular scale is the rather pricey Silver WIngs 1/32 resin kit.

Special Hobby have consistently produced Regia Aeronautica aircraft kits. Recently they announced a re-issue of the rather impressive 1/72 Piaggio P.108 that was originally released a few years ago in a joint effort with Flying Machines. This re-issue includes a few revisions. They have also released a nicely detailed RE.2005 in 1/48, which will be followed up with a revised ex-Classic Airframe RE.2000 kit which has an all new fuselage. They have a few resin updates for this kit planned, including a correct set of resin wheels. The original Classic Airframe kit had the wrong type.

Other recent releases worth checking out are:

AMPs 1/48 Piaggio Pegna P.7, even though it actually scales out at 1/50

Dora WIngs 1/72 Savoia S.55. At long last a decent kit of this disctintive twin-hulled seaplane

Sword 1/48 Reggiane RE.2005 despite being not quite to the standard set by the new Special Hobby RE.2005

Any of the Special Hobby releases are worth a look,the most recent being the following:

1/72 scale: Breda Ba.88, Caproni Ca.310/Ca.311/Ca.311M and the upcoming Piaggio P.108

1/48 scale: Breda Ba.65, IMAM Ro.37/Ro.43/Ro.44 and Reggiane RE.2005

1/32 scale: Fiat G.50

Most of the 1/72 kits in this list are long gone but some could do with a second look as they were rather poor. There is quite a lot of new data available these days so it's entirely feasible to produce much better quality models.

Fly/LF Models/RCR Caproni Ca.101

Broplan Caproni Ca.111

Aviation USK Caproni Ca.133

LF Models Caproni AP.1

LF Models Caproni Ca.331 OA

Dujin Caproni CH.1

Dujin Caproni Stipa

Delta2/Valom Caproni Campini

Italeri Caproni Ca.314

Supermodel CANT Z.1007

Legato CANT Z.1018

LF Models IMAM Ro.1

Aviation USK/Xotic-72 FIAT RS-14

LF Models Piaggio P.32

Italianwings Piaggio P.119

Delta2 Savoia S.55X

RCR Savoia SM.85

LF Models Savoia SM.86

Legato Savoia SM.93

Broplan Umbra T.18









To my knowledge the following have never been kitted.

CANT Z.511 - large elegant 4-engined seaplane

Piaggio P.23R - streamlined record breaking transport design

Piaggio P.50 - forerunner of the P.108 bomber

Savoia SM.91 - twin boom fighter

Savoia SM.92 - variant of above

Umbra MB.902 - twin engined fighter with counter rotating props

Out of all the Regia Aeronautica kits I have built, the following are those whose construction I enjoyed the most. This judgement is based more on satisfaction when completed and not necessarily on ease of build. It also helped that they are all aircraft that I find the most interesting.

Choroszy Modelbud 1/72 Piero Magni PM series

Dora Wings 1/72 Savoia S.55

Pacific Coast Models 1/32 Reggiane RE.2005 'Sagittario'

Pacific Coast Models 1/32 FIAT G.55

RS Models 1/72 A.V.I.A. FL.3

Special Hobby 1/72 Piaggio P.108

Special Hobby 1/48 Breda Ba.65

Special Hobby 1/48 FIAT G.55

Special Hobby 1/48 Nardi FN.305

Special Hobby 1/32 FIAT G.50 'Freccia'