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Superaereo was the High Command of the Regia Aeronautica,
the Royal Air Force of Italy from 1923 until the Armistice in 1943.

This website is founded on experience gained building numerous aircraft models over the years, including those I reviewed for SAM Publications. Quite a number are no longer available but are still worth a look. I also hope visitors to this site will gain some insight into what to expect by dipping into the esoteric and always interesting world of Regia Aeronautica aircraft modelling. To navigate your way around the site click on any of the links shown above and use the back arrow in the browser window to return to the previous page.

Also featured are computer generated illustrations, commissioned by Alphaflight, Bronco Models & Trumpeter.
These can be viewed on the ‘art’ page. I no longer do this type of work as there are far better artists around today, such as A.Tooby with his expert illustrations for Airfix and J. Boucher’s work for Sword.

Using valuable experience gained preparing decal artwork for AlphaFlight, Barracudacals, Bronco Models & PCM,
I commissioned a small selection of Regia Aeronautica themed decal sheets. The plan is to release more limited edition sheets, on an occasional basis, but print costs are prohibitive at the moment.
Only the 1/48 Cr.32 and 1/32 Bf.109 RA decals are currently available.The 1/32 ‘Black Cats’ C.205 decal sheet is now OOP. Other projects in the pipeline are ‘Cavallino Rampante’ C.202’s, Fiat Cr.32 & Bf.109 ANR decals, all 1/32.
For more details click on the links below.

This website is updated on an occasional basis so it’s always worth a return visit every now and then.

Chris Busbridge

Updated  1st June 2019


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