Welcome to the my world of Regia Aeronautica scale aircraft modelling. I have had a life long interest in this subject, contributing various build articles on websites such as Modeling Madness and stormomagazine.com, as well as building a wide range of scale models for Scale Aircraft Modeller International. Most of these build articles can be accessed via the 'history' page in the menu above.

On the 'art’ page are a selection of boxart images I created for Alphaflight, Bronco Models & Trumpeter using 3-D software. This method has become a increasingly method popular these days, with A. Tooby and J. Boucher also creating computer aided digital images for Airfix & Sword.

I have also designed decal artworks for companies such as AlphaFlight, Barracudacals, Bronco Models & Pacific Coast Models. I have had a selection of limited run Regia Aeronautica decals printed. Click on the links below for more details.

This website is kept up to date with new kit information and builds so it’s always worth a return visit.

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